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Overseas Programs

  • Construct/renovate schools and
    ECD centers Support education services
  • Provide educational equipment and supplies
  • Construct/renovate health facilities
  • Support medical services
  • Provide medical equipment and suppliers
  • Facilitate/Promote awareness on improvement of the local community
  • Promote capacity building of local medical personnel
Humanitarian Aid
  • Emergency response – Distribute food and non-food items
  • Support child-centerd space(CCS)
  • Provide psycho social support/services
  • Construct/renovate vocational training centers
  • Provide livestock/plants
  • Promote micro credit
Community Development
  • Support Integrated Community Development Approach (Education, Health, WASH(water, sanitation and hygiene), Livelihood, Child Protection and Humanitarian Response
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)
  • Support water and sanitation facilities
  • Provide water/sanitary supplies/articles
  • Building capacity and raising awareness of community
Child Protection
  • Establish and strengthen the Community-based Child Protection Mechanism
  • Raise social and cultural awareness on child rights in community
  • Strengthen Child Protection in education, health, WASH, and livelihood Projects

Children in developing countries

subsist day by day amid disease and poverty. Children need to grow up healthy, and ChildFund Korea helps
children overseas to grow up healthy at each life stage and eventually stand on their own feet.

ChildFund Korea’s Child Life Stage

InfantAges 0-5

Healthy growing infants & Young children
  • - Healthy pregnancy
  • - Safe childbirth
  • - Physically and emotionally stable development
  • - Infants/toddlers protected to keep them safe

ChildAges 6-14

Internally/Externally well developed children
  • - Acquiring basic learning skills (reading, writing, numbers)
  • - physically, psychologically and socially healthy development
  • - Child protection and fostering children's independent awareness of their own

YouthAges 15-24

Future-oriented youth as leading members of societies
  • - Job-related knowledge and skills development
  • - Improving reproductive health
  • - Independent participation in society
  • - Establishing healthy values and vision of the future
  • Education

    We provide education opportunities to empower children to participate in society once they grow up. We also support to increase the quality of education through capacity building of educational facility staff, teachers and parents.

  • Health

    We work to improve the basic health of children and youth and maternal health. We provide the nutrition support, awareness and training sessions for the community including pregnant mothers and infants/toddlers. Also we provide the medical personnel and pharmaceutical support to enhance the capacity of health facilities to help them provide the quality of services.

  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene(WASH)

    We work to improve community health through clean water and a hygienic environment. We provide support to increase access to WASH facilities and the quality of services. Also, we help the community to enhance their capacity to maintain the WASH facilities and their knowledge on WASH through various trainings.

  • Livelihood

    We work to improve a sustainable income generating system and community capacity for disaster and resource management by providing support for youth literacy, improved understanding of asset management, job seeking and entrepreneurship.

  • Humanitarian Aid

    Humanitarian Aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity during and in the aftermath of man-made crises and natural disasters. Our Humanitarian aid consists of emergency relief, early and long-term recovery, refugee assistance, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and child protection. Especially, we establish Child Centered Spaces (CCS) and provide psycho-social support to children to overcome trauma during the emergencies.

  • Child Protection

    Meanwhile, we have contributed to the inclusion of a child protection agenda in the SDGs 16.2 through the global campaign “Free from Violence and Exploitation”. We have also raised social and cultural awareness on child rights in community.

  • Community Development

    We empower communities to attain necessary resources and capabilities for the development of their own communities in the area of education, health, WASH(water, sanitation and hygiene), Livelihood, Child Protection and Humanitarian Response.